Last Wednesday, Athens faced a big thunderstorm all day and night. We checked our phones every few minutes hoping for an email from UGA that class would be canceled. We went to class anyway and by the time we came home in the afternoon, my roommates and I felt entitled to a rare night in, calling off our other obligations. We decided to be adventurous and try something we haven’t done in Athens: order delivery food (not pizza). It’s something we never do because of the sheer luxury of it-ordering food, waiting an hour, receiving a warm meal at our doorstep, paying for delivery AND tip, and then continuing our evening on the couch. We decided to go for it, defending our decision with two words: treat yoself.

Then began a serious search to find the right food, the right price, and the right delivery platform. We explored the Athens businesses Bulldog Food and UberEats and analyzed differences in restaurants offered and delivery costs. We initially wanted to find the lowest cost, but as we considered our options, we determined that we wanted a quality meal and were willing to pay more for it. We had an attitude of “this is a one-time thing-and-we’re-seniors” so we justified our almost $20 meals.

While our search was haphazard, it revealed a few factors that influenced our millennial decision:

  1. Quality of restaurants offered
  2. Cost of delivery
  3. Ease of transaction
  4. Time of delivery
  5. Price of meal

Had we not been so inclined to treat ourselves, the price and timing would have ranked higher on our list of priorities. The consumer journey involved social media photos of meals, ratings, articles, and maps to determine if we should brave the storm and pick it up to save money. Ultimately, we tried Pulaski Heights’ famous Wednesday-night only Ramen bowl. It did not disappoint.


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