These first few weeks of the Trump’s presidency have provided ample opportunity for social commentary, but it wasn’t until his executive order on January 27th that corporations began speaking out. The Women’s March garnered solidarity from plenty of celebrities and notable personalities, as well as progressive companies supporting the cause, but this executive order has galvanized the corporate community in an unprecedented way.

Social media content by corporations usually sticks to nonpolitical issues and subjects that relate to their product. The legislation restricting immigration from 7 countries has been sparked outrage in major corporations across the United States though, to the point of releasing formal statements, memos to employees, and tweets of opposition to the policy. CNN released a list of companies who have released statements against the executive order.

Time will tell whether these tweets are backed up by activism against the order or if they are just shouts of disagreement. Google employees initiated a protest with the #GooglersUnite to rally behind immigrants who make up their company. This is a notable moment for social media because new players are participating in the medium with force. This has also sparked creativity for others, using the medium to proclaim their voice. Two students created a website called Celebrate Immigrants, which simply showcases a collage of business founders who were immigrants and links it back to Wikipedia pages.



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