Made In A Free World exists to create awareness about slavery and other injustice found in the supply chain of most manufactured goods. It partners with organizations who are willing to examine and engage with every step of their supply chain so that they may partner with ethical employers. They hope to fight forced labor by reducing American demand for it and redirecting our purchasing power toward ethical companies abroad.

Their website engages users in the story of forced labor, of Made In A Free World, and organizations who have partnered with them. One site extension is, that includes an interactive quiz that gathers information about your community, demographic, and consumption habits to determine approximately how many slaves work for you through the supply chain.

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 11.34.32 AMThe site allows you to scroll down through a narrative-like infographic that explains how slavery still exists and has taken more hidden forms, like human trafficking and forced labor. It follows the mind of someone finding out about this for the first time and wondering what the personal implications are: “But they’re reputable brands! If they were running sweatshops, Oprah would be all over it!” Instead of only listing statistics, it presents an argument, addresses potential counter arguments and skepticisms, and ways to become involved. This linear narrative method brings users into the fold of the issue without inciting guilt or obligation, but its tone is informative, bright, and conversational.

Its call to action is sincere and sustainable:

“That’s why we’d like you to understand your influence on slavery. Not so you can feel bad. Not so you’ll stop buying stuff…so you will ask the brands you like to find out where their materials are coming from.”

Its regular site is just as colorful and engaging, with active scroll features and animations that point users to the information they are looking for. They offer a software tool that analyzes supply chains and other resources, but it’s easy to tell that those are simply tools in the fight that their organization is leading and calling others to join.

Check out the site and the interactive quiz! I had 22 slaves working for me. As a result of this site, I am informed, inspired, and empowered to partner with them. This approach of conversational tone, a compelling, but friendly call to action, and a narrative structure certainly tell the story of the cause and organization far better than a stuffy “Donate NOW!” could.


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