Welcome to my portfolio!

This portfolio gathers work from my Writing for the Web class that reflects my philosophy on the subject as well as the way it relates to my two areas of study at UGA: Digital Marketing and English. Storytelling is the nexus between these worlds. In this context, I define storytelling as the means of communicating a message in a way that impacts the listener and causes them to understand something differently than they did before.


Throughout this semester, my Writing for the Web class has expanded and challenged my conceptions of digital texts. I began the class highly skeptical of the genre, for its low barrier to entry allows virtually anyone to contribute to the digital narrative, often cheapening the content online. Instead of dwelling on the downsides of the democratization of writing on the web, we have explored the potential for meaningful online engagement and the means of creating it-from learning basic code to studying media theory. We have defined rhetoric as any kind of message, ranging from the most informal memes to audio content to published works. Marketers and writers both selectively choose various mediums to convey a message.  As a marketing major in this digital world, I have been equipped with dozens of additional tools and mediums for delivering messages online, most of which may be translated to a marketing context. Exploring the subjects of media theory, design thinking, digital media affordances have widened my conception of what online writing involves and requires, and how marketers can positively contribute to the genre.

We have been tasked to create a kind of “praxis” for our own methodology. Each tab on this site contains a project and explanation of how it qualifies as effective writing for the web. I have only recently begun to understand how much ownership digital authors may take for producing quality work, expanding and challenging the existing mediums for writing. Please enjoy my attempts to navigate this new territory!